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View Thread: Must Have Food in NOLA?
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    @wkempf:Yes, it was an experience.  The guys in the cart driving down the road spraying all the standing water are a big turn off.  Never mind the proprietors of the less reputable establishments yelling disturbing things at you.  I tried the Vegas thing to ignore the porn peddlers.  This just made the Bourbon St. proprietors yell directly at me.  I really don't like being singled out being an introverted geek.  And then my clueless co-worker thought it'd be a good idea to talk about that on Facebook which ended with my wife being fairly upset with me.  I can't post the things yelled at me by the proprietors on here.

    I did eat at a small restaurant just off Bourbon St. that was pretty good.  Based on my old receipts it must have been Oceana Grill.  Pretty good local style food.