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View Thread: Must Have Food in NOLA?
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    1. Scott already mentioned Capedeville

    2. Yo Mama's Bar & Grill on St. Peter Street. Best burgers least when I went there

    3. +1 on Rickster's Cafe Beignet recommendation

    4. Lucky Dogs. Located all over the FQ. Great drunk food. Seriously,after a night of daiquiri's or whatever you're drinking, you don't care what's in them

    5. Acme Oyster House on Iberville. If you like oysters and can deal with a line.

    6. If you're willing to travel a little: Juan's Flying Burrito on Magazine St

    There's a million restaurants in NOLA so take your pick. You need to watch out though, especially in the Quarter. Some bars/restaurants are just total tourist traps  Read some reviews before you go.