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No Mark Minasi sessions?

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    I just read on Twitter that Mark Minasi didn't get any sessions at all this year. Seriously Microsoft? How can you NOT bring in Minasi!?

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    Just found it on twitter...

    From an attendee perspective really sad. Mark is a MUST session every TechEd! I hope they check it out and add some of his sessions later - like last year in Amsterdam.




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    BOOO!!! HISSS!!!!

    That really sucks, he's a great speaker.

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    No Don Jones either. Don and Jeffrey Snover had the number one rated session last year. Very confusing...

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    Mark's big win is in being able to expose deeply technical info to an often non-technical audience in a non-technical way.  And the techy crowd loves his mannerisms too.

    Wonder what's up with this?  I GOTTA believe his reviews were high and what smart conference doesn't find SOME way to get their favored speakers included?

    Anyone associated with TechEd able to speak to this?



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    Great! TechEd Team found some space for Mark Minasi - he just confirmed it on twitter.

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    I'm a noob, so I apologize. What is the twitter feed that you would most recommend that we follow for TechEd announcements? Also, is this the best medium to search for TechEd info? Any pointers would be appreciated. Thank you!!

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    @TechEd_NA for the official MS TechEd folks.

    Follow hashtags #msTechEd and #TheKrewe for all things TechEd.

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    To clarify, that's on Twitter.

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