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    , Jedicary wrote

    Okay... after the announcement today I feel even better about my purchase!!  I know now that MS put their full weight behind this product and is backing it!!  I was a bit worried that it will be like the Zune, a great product that flops badly. Seeing that MS bought out Nokia this phone and brand should be around for at least a couple of years.  The technology is quite solid, and I'm extremely happy with this phone.

    I'll ask again if anyone has any thoughts about the Microsoft/Nokia connection?   Was this a good move to buy Nokia, or is this yet another product in a long list of good products that is doomed to fail?


    The TechEd NA forums do not see much use until closer to the event. But there is a good amount of traffic that goes through the Coffehouse (our general chat area).

    As for WP features, we were just talking today at lunch about being able to rearrange the home screen based on the seasons.  For example, I just moved all my ESPN/Fantasy sports apps to my home screen again since the NFL season is starting up. When I was on site in Madrid for TechEd EU, I swapped my SMS icon with WhatsApp.

    Pinning people to my home screen is probably my favorite feature, though.  The ability to see that I have 10 text messages or emails is great, but being able to see, from the home screen, that I have notifications from specific people is fantastic.