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Planning to make 2014 my first TechEd

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    TechEd has always been one of those shows that, in my mind "other people" get to go to, but I've been taking a look at where Microsoft has been going lately, and the fact that as a one-man IT shop, I use a ton of Microsoft technologies that I can only barely keep up with.

    In a nutshell, instead of spending a week studying "this" or "that" - I've got the impression that TechEd is a great place to get a quick refresher (as well as some in-depth knowledge) across the width and breadth of the Microsoft ecosystem.

    I suppose that, now that registration is looming on the horizon, I'd like to hear from others if that's an accurate impression? 

    I'm most interested in beefing up my knowledge of System Center, SQL, Virtualization (server-level primarily, to make sure I'm doing it "right"), as well as Exchange and possibly some Lync.

    Would love to hear from previous attendees about the "bang for the buck" factor to TechEd so I can help make my case to management.

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    You can find pretty much anything Microsoft or MS partner related, as well as information from your peers in BoF sessions.  Every MS team has representation, and there's nothing better than getting the scoop straight from the product manager or engineer for SCCM, Exchange, etc.  I saved $40k one year because we were going to buy the Quest SCCM agent for Macs but found out that native Mac (and Linux) capability was coming.  This year I found out that there are changes coming to MDOP, so we figured that in our planning.

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    @WolfStar76: We created a Convince Your Boss page on the TechEd website for you to make your case to your management team.  Take a look and see how TechEd provides relevant content to your business, the opportunity to network and get answers from industry-experts and more. 

    Stay tuned to updates from other attendees who have been before to TechEd as they tend to provide a list of best practices for newbies!

    @clinechas: Thanks for your insights. Those are so helpful to share with others!

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    Wolfstar, TechEd is one of the most satisfying training and personal development experiences for me every year.  The sessions are the fruit of the tree, and worth the effort and the investment.  Naturally, you can  watch these afterwards online, but at the conference you can mingle and talk with the presenters themselves, who are some of the savviest folks in our industry.   Many extremely well-informed folks from MS and vendors are available all day long for consultation and discussion; they are a treasure.    The lab sessions are also outstanding for getting extremely hands-on with key new technologies.  If you are interested in certification, there are multiple exam cram sessions to review concepts crucial for testing success.  Those things draw me back every year. 

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