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Question about instructor-led labs

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    Hi all, this will be my second trip to TechEd NA, and I have a question about the ILL sessions.  I don't recall seeing them before in 2011, but how are they handled as far as equipment goes?  Are workstations provided for everyone (first come first served), or are we expected to bring a laptop with something installed on it?  The latter seems like a strange idea, but when I went to the Server 2012 launch event back in September they apparently expected everyone to bring a laptop with a VM pre-loaded on it (a fact that nobody mentioned prior to my arrival).


    I did some of the HOL sessions in 2011, and obviously those are done in a separate lab area where hardware is provided.  It's the ILL sessions that I'm specifically asking about here.

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    @kmcferrin workstations are provided for you at the ILLs at TechEd North America.

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