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Questions about Session IDs

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    So I was looking through the available sessions and I was hoping someone could help shed some light on what all the different characters mean in the Session ID. For instance, if we take the first session listed for Tuesday...


    I understand that the first 3 letters designate the track. In this case, ATC stands for "Architecture & Trustworthy Computing".

    I am assuming that the number after the B is for level. In this case, 2 would be for "200 - Intermediate". I am also assuming that the last 2 numbers are just a unique identifier for this session in this track and level.

    So what does the B stand for? Does it signify that this is a Breakout Session? What exactly is a Breakout Session?


    What about the following Session IDs:


    What does the IL stand for? Is is Instructor-Led Lab? What is the trailing R stand for on the second Session ID?


    Thanks for your help!

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    Pretty sure the 'R' was a repeated session.. but don't quote me on that.


    Breakout sessions are the most common.  Think lecture style.

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    Thanks for the info Dave. There looks to be a lot of different session types, but so far I have only come across Breakout and Instructor-Led in the schedule. Do they continue to add more as time goes on? Or are many of the other session types held in a more ad hoc fashion?

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    I'm sure most will be added later.  Offhand I don't recall seeing any hands on labs listed yet.  I know the BOF sessions get nominated and voted on, and they are just in the nomination period now.


    For sure I haven't seen the keynotes session(s) listed, so they are will have to be added.


    Cert ones I have no idea about to be honest, never looked into them.

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    There are 11 different session types featured at TechEd North America.
    They are as follows:

    1. Birds of a Feather (BOF) –75 minutes. Discussions on timely, technology-based topics suggested, selected, and moderated by your peers. Recorded and available on-demand on Channel 9.
    2. Breakout Sessions –75 minutes. Lecture-style presentations that include PowerPoint slides and technology demos. Held in lecture rooms seating 200-1,200 participants. Recorded and available on-demand on Channel 9.
    3. Certification 101 (CER101) –75 minutes. Learn about selecting a certification path, preparing for the exam, and all of the benefits of becoming an MCP. Presented by Microsoft Certified Trainer. Not Recorded.
    4. Exam Prep Sessions (EXM) –75 minutes. Lead by Microsoft Certified Trainers, session topics directly relate to the current certification tests offered. Learn secrets and prepare to pass your certification exams. Not recorded.
    5. Foundational Sessions (FDN) –60 minutes. These sessions act as a bridge between the overarching messages presented in the Keynote and the more specific instruction delivered in the Breakouts. Recorded and available on-demand on Channel 9.
    6. Hands-on Labs (HOL) –60-75 minutes. Self-paced, drill-down exercises that enable you to get your hands on the technologies presented throughout the Sessions. Expert Technical Learning Guides (TLGs) are on hand to assist you through the labs as needed.
    7. Instructor-led Labs (ILL) –75 minutes. These sessions provide a guided, hands-on tour through an entire technical process. Not Recorded.
    8. Keynote (KEY) Microsoft's senior leaders share their vision for the future of IT and demonstrate Microsoft's strategy for executing this vision through current and soon-to-release solutions. Streamed live, recorded and available on-demand at Channel 9.
    9. Pre-Conference Seminars (PRC) –Day-long seminars that provide a comprehensive overview of a new or popular technology delivered by leading industry experts. Additional registration fee required. Not recorded.
    10. TechEd 101 (TE101) –60 minutes. High level overview of TechEd, explaining the major components and how to take advantage of all that is offered at the event. Not recorded.
    11. Women in Technology (WIT) –A discussion over lunch that centers around promoting, retaining, and supporting women working as IT professionals and developers, and how these women impact the industry. Not recorded.

    FYI: Last year's session recordings are located here.


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    @DBegley:Any input on what the "R" at the end of a Session ID stands for? Does it stand for "repeated" like Dave believes?

    Also should we expect to see all of these different session types listed in the schedule?

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