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    So I was looking through the available sessions and I was hoping someone could help shed some light on what all the different characters mean in the Session ID. For instance, if we take the first session listed for Tuesday...


    I understand that the first 3 letters designate the track. In this case, ATC stands for "Architecture & Trustworthy Computing".

    I am assuming that the number after the B is for level. In this case, 2 would be for "200 - Intermediate". I am also assuming that the last 2 numbers are just a unique identifier for this session in this track and level.

    So what does the B stand for? Does it signify that this is a Breakout Session? What exactly is a Breakout Session?


    What about the following Session IDs:


    What does the IL stand for? Is is Instructor-Led Lab? What is the trailing R stand for on the second Session ID?


    Thanks for your help!