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Rid share

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    Hi Guys,


    Anyone interested in ride share, i just am not familiar with Houston and am staying in medical center area would like to ride share if someone is renting car and will be driving to conference.

    Will share parking and gas or rental.

    Also, ride share is environmental friendly.

    M J Z

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    I'm staying in the medical center area too but I'm not driving either. So, unless I can convince the hotel shuttle to go an extra mile beyond their drive radius I guess I'm either taking the light rail or taxi unless someone ELSE in the area is driving and wants to do a ride share. Otherwise, I'm always up for company on the light rail!


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    Hi Keven, Its great to know u staying in same area. I am not familiar with Houston so probably will do the same as what you will be doing  or maybe we can share a cab as well. 

    My trip was booked at  Mainstay Suites by Choice Hotels a few days ago and will prefer cab or light rail if hotel shuttle would not go to conference.


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    A co-worker and I are staying at the Holiday Inn near Reliant Park.  (That's what I get for waiting so long to register)

    In any event, we were planning to taxi it, but if there is anyone staying near, always open to ride-share...


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    I'll be in the Medical Center area as well. Depending on the weather, I was planning on going with the light rail. The Red Line runs right near my hotel and then it's about a half mile walk to the convention center from the Main Street Square station. That plan may change as the week wears on, lol.

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    I believe either taking light rail or ride share both will be great options. How can we get in touch though specially for me who have no idea about Houston at all.



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