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Running SQL Server on virtual server on HyperV.

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    I was wondering if there was any sessions to be added that would focus on SQL Server on virtual servers running on HyperV?  I did not find anything so far.

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    Good question - I am also interested in SQL Server Virtual Servers.

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    I have actually done this with relative ease...

    Create your new VM with Hyper-V (my company still uses Win 2008 R2)... You'll need to set the hard drive and memory to your companies specs.. I set mine up with a 100gb hd, with 16gb ram

    Install SQL... enjoy

    the VM is basically a win 2k8R2 machine sitting on a host, works and functions like if it was a stand alone.

    I would suggest using a seperate nic card on your host, so you don't bog down any other vm's on your host machine Smiley

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    You'd probably do well to look for a Hyper-V Performance Tuning session.  Anything to get the most out of your hardware for the sake of scale (big memory, lots of CPUs) and I/O would apply to SQL Server.

    Though.. yes, I know there are other SQL specific recommendations - like don't use Dynamic Memory.  And understand NUMA.  Etc.


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