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Searching Attendee Directory and Groups

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    Will we have the ability to search the attendee list?  Right now, you can only go to a letter in the alphabet, but I would like to search for attendees from my area or that have the same interests.

    Also, will their groups like last year?  We could then put ourselves in the group we want to be in.


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    @CAReed:Great suggestions.  I'd like to search by location and interest as well.

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    Agreed! Previous TechEd forums had the ability to submit groups (for approval) that you could then join. Kinda creating our own adhoc Configuration Managers group because of the lack of this ability, would be nice if it was baked in like before. Also when we created our profile, we could tag interests and other meta data. Would be nice to search via those tags.

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    However, no groups or search.  This is definitely a downgrade from last year, and most likely the result of eliminating a TechEd only site.


    Personal Opinion!

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    The fact you can only look by Chan 9 user name and not real name, business, etc...  Makes that listing pointless.    The ditching of the TechEd only site is a big mistake.  Chan 9 is nice, but this all feels very rushed and thrown together at the last minute vs what seemed like a refined well planned implementation before.

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