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    First of all, SAFETY, I talked with a local person that had been mugged herself, she said I passed the test she gave me for my observation skills and street smarts. Mainly always be aware of groups of people or sneaky singles around you. agroup can gang up on you and corner you, a single person can swiftly sneak by grab your bag and knock you down. DO NOT ever go down a deserted alley or street, watch for recessed doorways, you never know who is inside them or that you can be forced into them and hidden from others view while you are attacked. Now for things I really enjoyed, again Jackson Square is a must. I could spend one day there between the church, the shops and entertainers as welll as artists, plus Cafe du Monde is right there and JAX Brewery Bldg. I took one day trip to tour Oak Alley Plantation, there are several companies that offer a tour there. New Orleans Musuem of Art was nice. She can take the trolley there. Hope that will get your wife started. Let me know if I can help in any other way.