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Tech-Ed 2014 Package Offer for Students ... Is that Affordable???

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    1- Student Package: $995 USD Limited to the first 100
    2- Faculty and Staff:  1195 USD

    Is that affordable to Students and Faculty ???

    Please, Students should be encourage with less amount package. Students are future users, administrators and Engineers of Microsoft Products whole around the world. I think Tech-Ed Administration should offer some relax offer please.

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    I can't speak to what works or doesn't work for students, but for faculty and staff, that's quite affordable. For what I get in return for the week, only having to pay $1,195 is a steal.

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    Hello, I'm a current computer networking student in Connecticut and I have been anxiously waiting to go to a teched event for years. But the price is very steep. Its the $995 for the event plus the plane ticket and then a hotel. That is a large sum of money. Is there any way to bring it down at all?

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    Agree with Scott that the academic staff discount is a great deal.

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    If you have been waiting for years, then you should have saved up during those years.  Less than a 1,000 dollars for this event for students is beyond fair.  Travel and lodging costs are inescapable. 

    The amount of threads basically begging for a free trip are just silly, IMO.




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    TechEd isn't really an event for students.

    However at $995 & 1195 this is a great opportunity for those in the education to get some good training.

    Agreed ChrisW, it is silly.  Makes me wonder if they beg training providers for a discount as well.

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