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TechEd EU Or USA?

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    Hi All Smiley

    I've done some other vendor agnostic courses to date but this year I've got my first shot at a TechEd Smiley

    I'm from the UK and have the luxury of choosing which even I attend but I cant really find any description of the differences between the EU and the USA.

    I'm after the best experience so can anyone tell me if there are any differences between them...

    Is one bigger than the other?

    Are the speakers the same or "better" in one or the other?

    Are the tracks / sessions the same?

    Is one conference just "better" than the rest?

    I've tried to get some info from MS direst but understandably they are being a little coy in making recommendations Smiley

    Thanks Ross


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    being from Germany, I ALWAYS attend TechEd NA if that helps as my impression is, that there are way more valuable people to talk to (especially MS employees) on that convention - might have changed during the last years but my 2cents: go to NOLA

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    As I fist attended TechEd NA 2011 in Atlanta i was surprised about the size and value. After attended some TechEd Europe I never thought that TechEd Na would be so much more. I would definitely go for NA if you can afford it. Especially networking is much easier.

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    @rosswinter:I agree with both bweissman and JHahnDe, I would go to NA.

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    I had the choice, and chose TechEd NA.  You get the genuine article speakers.  Once you account for registration, food, hotels, and flights, the NA trip is cheaper I reckon.

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