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TechEd North America 2014: Data Platform and Business Intelligence Track Discussion

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    Do you have a question or input regarding a TechEd North America 2014 session that is in the  Data Platform and Business Intelligence Track? Add to this thread and we'll make sure it is seen by the content team! Thanks!

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    I've tried to make BPE work with TPC-C, TPC-E, and TPC-H. While I saw lots of I/O to the BPE device, my TPS numbers varied little to none. So what IS the sweet spot for BPE?


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    @Thespud:I'm not sure this is the right forum for this kind of question (I think it's supposed to be about track content, not SQL Server questions), but I'll give it a shot:

    Can you share more information about HW specs and how you had everything set up?

    BPE was designed for memory-constrained OLTP workloads. It's documented, IIRC, that you should only use it with up to 64GB of RAM, so it's a pretty specific scenario they had in mind. Obviously you'll also only get a benefit if the SSD is significantly faster than whatever your "base" disk system is. If you're running a high-end infiniband-connected SAN you're not going to see much improvement from spilling out to a consumer-grade SSD. (I know I'm stating the obvious here; just giving you food for thought.)

    I think the key indicator of whether or not you'll get benefit from BPE is a workload with a consistently large number of smallish I/O operations. (i.e. lots of single-page ops, not a lot of readahead.) Hopefully Microsoft will publish some better guidelines sometime soon.


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