@Thespud:I'm not sure this is the right forum for this kind of question (I think it's supposed to be about track content, not SQL Server questions), but I'll give it a shot:

Can you share more information about HW specs and how you had everything set up?

BPE was designed for memory-constrained OLTP workloads. It's documented, IIRC, that you should only use it with up to 64GB of RAM, so it's a pretty specific scenario they had in mind. Obviously you'll also only get a benefit if the SSD is significantly faster than whatever your "base" disk system is. If you're running a high-end infiniband-connected SAN you're not going to see much improvement from spilling out to a consumer-grade SSD. (I know I'm stating the obvious here; just giving you food for thought.)

I think the key indicator of whether or not you'll get benefit from BPE is a workload with a consistently large number of smallish I/O operations. (i.e. lots of single-page ops, not a lot of readahead.) Hopefully Microsoft will publish some better guidelines sometime soon.