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View Thread: Ten Tips For New Attendees
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    If you haven't booked your hotel yet, get one as close to the convention center as possible.  If you're within a mile, you can always have the option to walk, but plan for humidity.

    Also, if you have frequent-stayer programs from hotel chains, especially the cheaper ones, check them out to see if you can get into a non-conference hotel a lot cheaper than the official hotels.  If you find one, note where the conference hotels are so you have a place to catch the shuttle bus.

    Remember that you'll be spending more time in the convention center than your hotel room.  For me, I just need a reasonable place to sleep, take a shower, and store my stuff.  All of the fancy stuff is really wasted.

    A few other tips: When walking around, look at the various bathrooms.  There will usually be one or two, especially in the exhibit hall, that are not busy most of the time, mainly because they're off the beaten path.

    If you plan on collecting a lot of SWAG, consider bringing an empty soft-side bag in your one piece of checked luggage.  This will give you an option for bringing back your conference goodies.  Remember that with most airlines, a second bag is $35 while an overweight bag is $50.  Apart from this, consider using the UPS facility in the convention center to ship your goodies back as this is even cheaper.  Of course, I'm flying Southwest, so bags are free.  (Still, I have been overloaded in the past and had to pay the extra $50 because there's not much you can do at the airport.)

    More later as I think of them....