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    @tp0: vendors were actually light on t-shirts last year. I may get some to give away. Message me @gkrew on twitter to see what I have or maybe make requests for you before you come.

    , tp0 wrote

    I've seen a lot of posts about packing light and just getting t-shirts from the vendors at the expo.  I'm actually going to miss the first day of the conference and will arrive on Tuesday.  Is there a chance I'll still be able to load up on shirts from the vendors on Tuesday?  Just trying to decide if I should take a chance with packing really light.  One of my airlines is charging for carry-on, so I'm trying to find ways to save.  Thanks.

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    @DavidCarr:  Thanks for the generosity.   I'll definitely reach out to you if I really need one.  Thanks again.

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    @tp0 T, I think you have nothing to worry about!

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    , mfifer wrote

    My wife has a strict "no swag" policy so you may wish to consult you S.O. for their take on returning with piles of stuff (that often piles up) Wink

    Mine is the opposite, every time I do any trade shows she digs trough the goodie bag and helps herself to the pens, coffee cups, USB sticks, and t-shirts that she wears as pajamas or doing stuff around the house.  So I have to try and get 2 of everything that I might want for myself!

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    Hmm...No SWAG policy...I think it is worst that my husband and I are both attending TechEd and looking forward to those goodies!!  Tongue Out

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    If you're flying Southwest, where "bags fly free", pack a second bag for your extras so that you check one bag coming and two bags going home.

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