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Where's the Map?

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  • CAReed

    Is there a map of the conference areas?

  • RallyJoe

    Just one of the many items that used to be on the TechEd site, that is not on this one.   The split between TechEd NA's normal website and Chan 9 is pretty clunky at this point.  No rhyme or reason either.

  • mikecrawfor​d71

    I got them from the Convention Center web site;



  • CAReed

    I know the floor plans.  I want to know what everything will be, like how the TechExpo area is laid out, etc.

  • Fredrik​Nilsson

    @CAReed:Think we have to wait for the Conferencei guide. If theu dont publish it ahead

  • CAReed

    They usually publish online well before the conference.

  • Patrick​Dunlap

    Hmm, couldn't Microsoft have one of their interns take the convention floor maps and turn it into a W8 app that you could plug in your sessions, give you time to travel between sessions, auto search for bathrooms, connect it to twitter for hash tag tweets to appear for things going on around you, etc?  I mean I wrote an app like this in college one semester, how hard could it be?

  • RallyJoe

    They normally have these things on the TechEd website (when that was the logical hub of all things TechEd) week(s) before the event.  Simplified/specific floor plans for the break out sessions, TechExpo and convention floor layouts,  Keynote location, Ask the Experts location, etc...

    I assume they are coming still, but it's all trying to make Chan 9 work for event organization for which it was not setup for it seems.   Going to say again - abandoning the dedicated MyTechEd site was a huge mistake given how much functionality has been lost as a byproduct.

  • darrellajam​es

    How about an app for the event?

  • DBegley

    @Darrellajames Yes. There's an app! Check out the details here in the latest Countdown Show and also see Fredrik Nilsson's recent blog post about it: Thanks again Fredrik!

  • DBegley

    The map will be in the conference guide. To give you a general idea of the layout:

    Registration will be in Hall F
    Meals are in Halls G-H
    Keynote is in Halls I-J
    TechExpo will be in Hall D
    Hands-on and Instructor Led Labs will be in Hall B-2
    Alumni Lounge Entrance will be between Hall C and Hall D
    Shuttle Drop Off will be in front of Hall D
    Breakout Sessions are on Levels 2 and 3

    Hope this helps as you plan for your arrival at the event. 

  • MikeBergin

    Is there going to be an event app independent of Eventboard?

  • RallyJoe

    @DBegley:So there wont be any soft copy versions of the maps?  something we can pull up on our phone quick?

  • Fredrik​Nilsson

    @DBegley: No thank you, Denise for bringing us another conference to remember Smiley

  • Patrick​Dunlap

    Odd, I have the EventBoard app installed, NAm TechEd pinned, my account linked, when I go to look at my agenda... nothing.  Even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app.  Anyone else having the same problem?  If not then its just me, maybe I need to look at my Ch9 account or something.


  • Fredrik​Nilsson

    @patrickbdunlap:Just checked mine and I have my agenda populated

    I saw a similar thing with my WP app on saturday. Could be some sync issues I think.

  • groetman

    I just downloaded and installed Eventboard on my iPad. I created an account but I see no way to link it to my Channel 9 account so I can download my agenda.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • mikecrawfor​d71

    @patrickbdunlap: My sync lost a lot of sessions I'd put on my Ch9  schedule. I removed them all, added them in the EventBoard app, they then sync'd fine to my Ch9 schedule.

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