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Why I dont have achievements?

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    Why I don't see achievements? I'm registered, and I already build my Schedule.. is my account not link with the registration?

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    I am also not seeing the achievements (Golden Ticket, iOS app usage).  I think it's broken.  Shame shame... one of the top developer conferences and the web site doesn't work...  

    Also, the TechEd schedule part of Channel 9 is very very slow.

    Sorry for the rant. I'm done now.  Wink



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    Go here, and login to view your registration info. 

    Edit your Contact Information and go to the section labeled "Additional Contact Preferences"

    The last box in that section is "Show me as a TechEd North America 2013 Attendee on my public Channel 9 profile page". Make sure it is checked. 

    I read this on another forum post as fixing it, I just did mine a few minutes before writing this and it hasn't shown up yet but I believe it should eventually appear. 

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    Got the Golden Ticket, I love Apps, and started the Go Getter but it does not show me completing the Where Do You Want To Go Today even though I have all my sessions marked and they show up in the Ch9 App. Kinda odd.

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