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Why so many extra closing party tickets?

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    First TechEd for me and I have to ask, why is everyone giving up their extra party tickets? The party cant be THAT bad, can it? Smiley

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    I think for a few reasons:

    1) Its been heard on this forum that IT folks aren't "into" sports. Generalization, I know, but I didn't say it! Personally, I LOVE sports! watching, playing....

    2) Some perceive the venue to be a large gathering not much different from the reception Monday.

    Little do people realize that MS throws a HECK of a party! There will be so much to do and in a place where only few have access to. I think it will be amazing to be able to stand on the turf of an NFL football field (even though it isn't the Philadelphia Eagles field!). There will be music and food and activities.
    The perception of those who are not interested in going is a bit off. Their loss!


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    First, I've only seen a half dozen or so people offering their ticket to the party.  Out of an estimated 10,000 attendees, that's not a lot.

    Secondly, as venues goes the SuperDome has much less appeal that a place like Universal Studios in Orlando.  Not that it won't be a good party (it will be), but there will probably be less to do.

    Thirdly, the closing party is held on Thursday night, after the conference is over.  Depending on where you work, your corporate travel policy may not allow you to stay the extra night unless you pay out of pocket.  Others may have to fly home Thursday evening so that they can work on Friday.

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    There are all kinds of parties before and during the convention with great food, free drinks, and great entertainment along with networking with your peers.  If you missed out on invites to any of these then you should go to the closing for sure. 

    My company is actually very generous with food allotments, including drinks, and this is New Orleans so there's entertainment everywhere so the venue would have been the only draw for me and I just am not into stadiums. 

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    It's definitely a combination of the perception that it's a "sports" party, and the fact that it's Thursday night, when many folks will be on a plane home.

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    I have a meeting on friday... in Germany... that easy Smiley

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    I do see comments about folks needing to leave after the convention on Thursday so that's likely the majority reason. I couldn't care less about the venue as I'm one of those 'stereotypical IT Guys' who can't stand sports. However I'm going for the experience of it, not the venue. That and I don't leave till Friday afternoon.

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    Last year I decided to sell my tickets and drive to the coast for some seafood.

    I'm sure lots of people have their own reasons, like flying home on Thursday night.

    Years and years ago they did a Marti gras parade inside and it was amazing - marching bands and the works - it would be fun if they did something this great again! 

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    I am not sure who picks where the closing parties are but this year does not seem appealing to a lot of the attendees. Microsoft does not have to do a closing party and I like all the ones I have been to including the LA one. I do not think this will be a sports party but to be at the place where the SuperBowl was played a few months ago is appealing to me. TechEd used to be 5 days Monday to Friday. 

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    @davidsmi: Would you be willing to either sell or give your ticket to me, my husband is here and we didn't want to shell out 125 for his ticket.

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    Looking for after party wristbands, need 2, one for husband and one for my sister. 

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    Looking to an extra ticket tonight. Please call or text 425-749-2777 if you have one to sell or give away. Thanks! 

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    message edited - I got one.

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