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Will buy extra Surfaces (both kinds)

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    Please contact me if you won't be buying one or both of the surfaces you're allotted.  I have family members that want both so would love to buy extras.  Contact me at pollyc AT

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    Ditto...I'll probably grab the Pro for myself but several jealous co-workers would like any RT's that no one is planning on purchasing.

    chrs DOT rbnsn AT

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    Same here. I have people who would like a Pro or RT. mzook00 at

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    same here.. jlordsan at

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    Ditto, Anthony dot Ciske at Gmail dot com

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    I'll toss my hat into this ring. I'm using my allotment for a coworker but my boss also wants a Pro. So if someone is getting an RT only I'd definitely like to give them money to get a Pro for the boss.

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    I'll take an RT if someone does not want theirs -- pgi dot it2 at gmail dot com


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    I have a feeling that if you can't get one at the conference there will be a flood of them on eBay in the coming weeks.

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    I'd be all over a Pro.  This is the first year in a long time I haven't been able to go!

    If anyone would like to arrange something, please contact me via my username at gmail! (Please note that it's spelled wrong intentionally both here and in my gmail.)

    Thanks for looking out! 

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    I'll also take either if someone decides not to purchase.  feel free to contact me at sillylouie at gmail dot com  Smiley  TIA

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    EDIT - I stumbled across the other thread.  Excellent deal!

    QUESTION - what allotment are some of you referring to?  I'm just waiting for the right moment to ask the boss for a Pro, but this thread has me interested if there's something I'm missing.  Thanks.

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    I will offer up my alloted Surface Pro if someone will buy my RT for me Smiley 


    moravecb at live dot com

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