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Wired connection available?

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    I've been struggling wifi on my new laptop since I arrived in nola. Can't seem to get it connected anywhere at TechEd or my hotel. My iphone works fine. Done everything I can to troubleshoot Short of reinstalling windows 8.

    Is there anywhere I can get a wired connection? I need to get a bit of work done tomorrow. 

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    I don't know about wired but maybe you can tether of your phone? Mine is working great on my Android.

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    I think there is wired connection on the 2nd floor.  I see some stations with wires.

    Either before or after La Nouvelle on the 2nd floor.


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    I tethered my phone.. hotel wireless sucketh

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    I'm from Canada, tethering is $$$$$$.  I'll try the second floor thing. 

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