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Xbox One

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    Okay, I may be naive, but I'm trusting that Microsoft will stick with this move to stop that DRM Nonsense and always needing to check in to play offline games.  I've preordered the Xbox One, but part of me is skeptical that MS will keep things like they are.  I can see them slowly changing the rules... but hopefully they got the picture that gamers don't want to be restricted like they are with Software.


    I admit, I mostly play COD, but I have played a few Star Wars and Batman games, but I bought them all used... at a substancial discount.  I don't play that often so buying a game for $60 or more just to try it out to see if I like it and be stuck with it was NOT appealing. 


    I decided I was not going to go with xBox One becasue of the restrictions... plus with Sony PS4 being $100 less along with faster graphics, I was going to switch... as was several of my COD Friends.  Well, now that MS is listening, I'm trusting them not to screw me for the "greater good" down the road.  Am I being too skeptical?  What are your thoughts?

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