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  • bmclain

    Anyone else disappointed with the alumni lounge this year?  I don't know how many times I have gone in there and they don't have any stuff to eat other than the jar candies.  The last couple of years you could always go in there and get your chips/candy bars/fruit instead of getting in line in the hallways.  Hope this doesn't become the trend....

  • jduplechain

    This year is so disappointing. Not only the alumni lounge but the whole event 

  • Vecna

    The snacks are mostly the same as the last two years, but there isn't the more lush infrastructure we had last year and year before; they simply fences off a section of the tech expo floor for our use. 

    I'm more concerned about the lamentable wireless situation there.  It seems to work for surfaces (I think) but not for notebooks; TENA2013 does not appear at all.  This makes it (the lounge) pretty useless for me, really.  The network crew said that, strangely enough, that this was by design.  Apparently, due to the widespread use of available resources by the exhibitors, there was not enough left to provide adequate network resources for the paying customers. 

    Next year, please place the alumni lounge somewhere else, such that we can have wireless. 




  • davidsmi

    They have espresso Smiley

  • davidsmi

    They have espresso Smiley

  • cencorpian

    Its definitely more sparse this year than the past couple. No pins being given out either.

  • RChaplin

    Alumni lounges in both Atlanta and Orlando felt like a premium benefit, and the locations seemed better - especially Orlando, which seemed more 'on the way' between sessions.  I've made a few brief stops in the Alumni lounge this year, but haven't discovered a reason to go back. Hope the lounge in Houston will be better.

  • rshenowski

    I totally agree with you guys... its too far out of the way with not much to offer.

    Orlando was so much better.

  • Kenneth​ReynoldsMCT

    I'm in total agreement . . .

    Out of the way is an understatement.

  • jjdurrant

    Agreed... not impressed at all. Location sucks!

  • bweissman



    Agreed on all counts

  • Patrick​Dunlap

    Agreed.  Should be in the middle, stocked with eats and drinks.  Walked in, walked back out, nothing there.

  • westifer

    Orlando is definitely the better model.  This year, I stopped in twice, but found no reason to be there.

  • cusry

    Didn't care for TechEd at all this yet.  Was not thrilled it was in New Orleans but went anyway.  Sessions were okay at best...some better than others.  Backpacks were trash everyone had problems with them breaking.  Had to replace mine 3 times before I left.  Went in the trash when I returned home.  Jam sessions in but it was crammed, hot, couldn't move or sit in the place so we left.  Closing party was the pits.  The microsoft store was sold out of Teched golf shirts the second day ( large size ).  We didn't like it at all this year.  Don't see us going back.

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