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how do I register for individual events? (1st time attending)

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    I have registered for TechEd already and I am making my schedule on Channel9. Before I enter a breakout session will someone check to see if the event is on my schedule or are we pretty much free to enter any event barring there is no huge line for it?



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    I'm a first timer too but, yes to both. They use your My Schedule to help get an idea of the amount of people who are interested in the session, for seating and room size ideas.

    However, the sessions themselves are still 'first come, first serve' so even though you add it to your My Schedule you still want to arrive for it nice and early so you can make sure to get in.

    Make sure and watch Joey and Rick's Countdown shows and they answer a lot of the questions us first time attendees have.

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    I am a TechEd veteran.  The scheduling tool is, as Mike pointed, used to help distribute the sessions to an appropriately sized room, though, during on the presenter, you can figure which ones will have a big turnout.  Regardless, schedule for all of the sessions that you interested in.  I usually make a couple of passes before the conference (note that more sessions may be added anytime before the conference, so definitely check the schedule before heading to NO).  I pick everything that is of interest initially and then cut it down to no more than four sessions per time block.  I then print out my list and keep it handy, though you should verify the rooms as these can change.  This way, I go to my first choice and it's full, I can quickly pick my next option.


    Hope this helps....Chris

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    Hi, Thanks Chris.

    Hope to run into some cool people there.

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