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myTechEd Confusion

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    A bit confusing, ended up on the previous TechEd boards and with the banner at the top, it looks like you are on the current page for TechEd 2013.  I setup my profile and all that before realizing that this was not the current board.  Someone should take this board down.

    BTW, the older web page is a LOT nicer then the Channel9 one for this year.  In fact this one seems to be just riding on the Ch9 forums as kinda a bolt-on to where the previous one looks to be a completely dedicated page to TechEd with loads of links and resources.  In fact the previous one actually looks like a Microsoft web page to where if you did not know what Ch9 was, you would have no idea.

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    I agree.. I'm having a hard time finding the schedule builder - and I was just there the other day.  I liked what they had last year.

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    this is not cool at all 

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    I wish the points transferred from that site, I had almost 26,000

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    If you are signed into your Ch9 account, you will see a blue and green bar at the top of the page that lists TechEd North America Forum | My Schedule | Blog | Achievements. On Monday you'll see a new tab there for Evaluations. This bar was just added so you can navigate through TechEd on Ch9 a little easier! 

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    Wow khaos13, that does bite.


    I've been working TechEds for almost a decade, and finally decided to be a full attendee this year. Went to do all that cool attendee stuff on the TechEd site, like earn badges, make a cool profile, upload a cool pic, schedule meetups with other attendees, message them, etc.... only to find that functionality from the TechEd site seems to be gone. Finding this stuff on channel9 was challenging, and I know most people don't know this is here. Heck, to get to the discussion forum you have to click the link at the very bottom of the TechEd page where the terms of use and privacy statement links usually are (basically, no visit land for most people).

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    I too am a bit disappointed.  I won't go on and on about the features compared to previous years because others love to do that stuff.  There is simply no comparison.  Last years site while slow was feature rich and easy to navigate.  This year's is somehow both  devoid of features and confusing.  What REALLY drives me crazy is that damn green "Register Now" button everywhere when I am already registered and signed in....I'm already Registered Dammit

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    , HIX wrote

     What REALLY drives me crazy is that damn green "Register Now" button everywhere when I am already registered and signed in....I'm already Registered Dammit


    Good point. Consider it gone

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    Now THAT'S service!

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