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need some help to find a barcode app

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    I'm looking for a barcode reader app that would scan the barcode on a ready meal and then play a pre-recorded video of the cooking instructions. The video could be a local file, or youtube link. I need this to support someone with a learning dissability. Any help is appreciated.

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    That's a really good idea for a Windows Phone app. Think that would be of great help to many Smiley

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    well, thanks for your reply, which will definitely help those in need. But would you please be more specific with ‘Windows Phone app“? Do you mean there existed similar barcode reader app used for Windows Phone?

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    I have used this barcode reader in my phone. But I have not used it to do the things you said. And I  was wondering if my barcode scanner can do this kind of job. You may take a look and see if it works.

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    the barcode recognition tool is everywhere,have you searched one through google? i just did it and found one java barcode reader,which i 'm thinking whether it can be used in smartphone...but you may have try.

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    Hi Adajones,

    Could you be little more specifc about what type of barcode reader app you need? I mean there are readers for Android, WP, and for some other different OS.

    And vidoes are usually stored in a barcode image in the form of a link, you scan the image with your barcode scanner or phone APP to get to the link, then you will play it online with an internet access. Hope this helps.



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    i used to use Aspose barcode reader for .net, it works for me, but recently i am testing java barcode reader, it supports scanning 1D and 2D barcodes such as qr code, data matrix, code 128, code 39, pretty awesome. you can test this free trial pacakge before install.

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    Hello, AdaJones

    Did your problem has been solved? I usually need to scan pdf 417 barcode on driving license, so I use pdf 417 barcode scanner, and I also use it to scan qr code or other 1d and 2d barcodes. If you still need help, I suggest you to have a try. Or you can find other good barcode scanner tools on google.

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