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    I bought my Surfaces on Tuesday, got back to enquire on Wednesday ("have a bit of patience"), got back once more on Thursday ("We can not provide you a receipt anymore now"). The only thing they could do for me at that moment was printing a copy of the credit card transaction, what they did. I hope I don't have problems either with obtaining warranty here in Belgium without any receipt ... The offer was terrific, but the logistics **** big time. Some students had a lot of fun, but the rows could have been much shorter with better provisioned queing lines and a dispatcher at the end of the line who did notice when sales persons became available. And now, apparantly a lot of people don't get the receipt promised to arrive in the mailbox.

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    I too never received my receipt.   I asked when checking out if I could get a receipt and the person that rang me up gave me a confused look and said they're going to your email? As though she wasn't sure what was going on.  I'm going to ring up my local Microsoft Store and see what they might be able to do for me.   I need to expense these so a credit receipt won't be sufficient.  One would assume that if an email was sent once, it could be sent again.  

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    Anyone listening related to the Microsoft Store? Could someone please provide a procedure for fixing this? Thank you.

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    I asked them on twitter: @MicrosoftStore: @FredrikNilsson_ Ok, no problem! Thanks for clarifying. We recommend reaching out to our US customer support team about this: 1-877-696-7786

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