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White Hacking IE Auto Complete

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    have you tried to auto populate those textboxes in IE? Diba once we enter text on those textboxes, next time a drop down list will appear displaying all entries we previously entered. Can we do that using ASP.Net or any other way possible, so I can cache the default contents of those controls. next time the user use that web form, even these are textboxes magserv na rin siya na parang dropdownlist.

    sort of autocomplete, but entries will be comming from sequel server, kasi ayaw ko gumamit ng list type controls pure textboxes lang but i need to hack the browser to pre-set the entries textbox history list.

    as  much as possible i dont want to use  listbox and drop down list, mahirap gamitin, so puro textboxes lang pero meron sya parang google suggest feature na ang items will be comming from the database.

    Example, there's supplier textbox, normally, we tend to browse or select from the list but what if there's a big number of suppliers mahirap. if grid based magsearch kapa tapos may paging pa they dont want it to be like that. So the requirements is, pure textboxes but with autocomplete feature.

    Default: microsoft phils, microimage, microdata, microtrend, microcore
    Previously entered items: microfocus, micropro

    When i focus on supplier textbox, when i type word "micro", the autocomplete should display the combination of Default + Previously entered items.

    Now if the user clears the cache, no problem because next time he open the browser the Default already contains the Default + Previously entered items.
    some codes i evaluated uses javascript but with different implementation coz they tend to trap the autocomplete feature of IE, so only those items na define nila ang nadidislay sa list not the combination of the two.

    Deafult items will be updated each time the user open the browser, i expect the browser to be open just once or twice and left open for whole working day.

    Thanks, have a good day!

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    A Google search for "Autocomplete ASP.NET textbox" turned up the following links and components:

    Your best bet is to buy an off the shelf component.  You could attempt to develop it yourself but it will take some work.  Read up on DHTML, Javascript, XMLHTTP, custom ASP.Net server controls, etc.  You'll have to do your own research and be innovative.

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