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MSN Messenger Development?

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    I was interested in developing some plugins for MSN Messenger but besides there not being a formal SDK, any official documentation whatsoever is outdated or nonexistant.  I've looked at [link] where there is some documents from a while back.  Meanwhile, there is this unofficial forum [here] that seems somewhat helpful even though they're doing a lot of easily-breakable code (manual win32 api calls and such).  Also, there is the dotMSN library [here] built on the (undocumented?) backend service.

    Any chance of getting some word from MS on these projects and any hopes of an official SDK?


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    I doubt it.

    Microsoft doesn't want to be seen encouraging the development of third-party IM tools. Remember that MSN Messenger is advert supported. Virtually every single non-Microsoft MSN9P client doesn't have adverts.

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    El Bruno

    You can create a plugin to MsnPlus ... (a plugin for a plugin) and interact with some features of MSN

    Bye from Spain

    The Messenger Plus! Plugin API

    Developers can create their own plugins for Messenger Plus!. The plugin API is here to help you easily create new commands, new tags, and new features for MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger.

    Click here to download the Messenger Plus! API documentation

    If you need assistance, please visit the plugins section of the forum.
    Did you know? your plug-in features can use Messenger Plus! commands (to send a file for example). Click here to see the full list of supported commands.

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    I'm no MSFT employee, but..

    Ive used them all.  I have did the MSNPlus thing with standard MSN Messenger, the Trillian and (currently) Gaim thing, and I even have an MSN bot (AI and all that good stuff) using the DotMSN stuff.

    If your going to be using the client go with either Trillain ($10 a year or so), or simply go Gaim.  Gaim does support plugin development, and plethora of other protocols, including Jabber which is what Google has started to use.  It uses the GTK (take that as you will) for its widgets, so its very cross platform.

    BTW. DotMSN is the best .NET library out there for connecting to MSN, if your a coder.

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