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Indigo SOAP only?

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    Dr Herbie

    OK, so I finally got around to Indigo.  On the whole it looks good, but I can only find reference to sending data as SOAP, not as binary.

    Can Indigo use formats other than SOAP?

    I understand that SOAP is great for integration with other systems, but within my own system I want speed, not flexibility.
    I generally put Web Services on the outer edges of my systems (for integration), using binary over TCP/IP remoting between tiers to get good speed of data transfer.  Will I still be able to use binary in Indigo, or will I still have to use my current remoting methods?


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    I don't know how to do it, as i have not done any testing with Indigo yet.  However i know that all comunication can be done with binary but only Indigo to Indigo apps.

    Indigo will replace Remoting (although remoting is not going anywhere...its not really going to be updated)

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    Christian Weyer

    First of all, when we talk about SOAP we are not necessarily talking about angle brackets. Likewise, when talking about XML we are not necessarily talking about elaborate characters flying over the wire.
    The main thing to understand in this context is that Indigo/WCF follows the logical thought model of XML and SOAP - the so called InfoSet. So, an Indigo message follows the logical model of a SOAP Envelope.

    Apart from that, the next step would be to determine how to *serialize* this SOAP Envelope. This can be as XML 1.0 (read: angle brackets) or as MTOM or as a custom binary shape - or you define and implement your own serialization party.

    To prove this, Indigo has several pre-defined bindings which determine which transport protocol and which type of serialization to use. The basicProfileBinding for instance uses XML 1.0, SOAP 1.1 over HTTP 1.1. On the other there is something called the netProfileTcpBinding which uses TCP and a binary shape for sending the messages.

    So, to answer your inital question: Indigo in Beta 1 is SOAP-only, which does *not automatically* mean XML and text representation... but it will also support other communication styles like REST etc. starting from Beta 2.

    Makes Sense?


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    Tyler Brown

    It's been a month or so since I've done any work with Indigo, and I must say that I can't claim to have sniffed the packets of my Indigo application. With that being said, I was under the impression that all the bindings worked as they should, and that Beta 2 would simply offer performance improvements...

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