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Working with DataSets

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    I've written a quick proggy that removes spaces from a field in a database table and logs them to a stringbuilder.

    Can someone confirm that I'm using the correct implementation of the DataAdapter.Update() method?

            Dim Adapter As New System.Data.OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter(strSQL, Conn)
            ' Remove spaces from all the filenames
            Dim i As Integer
            Dim SB As New System.Text.StringBuilder()
            Dim strNew As String
            Dim strOld As String
            For i = 0 To DataSet.Tables("Product").Rows.Count - 1
                strOld = DataSet.Tables("Product").Rows(i).Item("")
                ' Does the filename contain a space?
                If strOld.ToString.IndexOf(" ")
        ' If so, remove the space and add it to the
    stringbuilder's log    
                    strNew = Replace(strOld, " ", "_")
                    SB.Append(strOld & " -> " & strNew)
                    DataSet.Tables("Product").Rows(i).Item("") = strNew
                End If
            ' Comit changes back to the database


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    Why not just

        FileName = Replace(FileName, " ", "_")
        FileName LIKE '% %'

    EDIT: Oh I see you want a log

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    You don't want to call AcceptChanges() on the dataset until AFTER the adapter has written those changes to the database via the Update method call.

    Calling the AcceptChanges will change any RowState for the rows to Unchanged from Modified and it only "commits" it to the in-memory dataset.  Then when you call the Update method it won't see any "Modified", "Deleted", or "Added" rows to execute the update/insert/delete commands against.

    It should be find to call the adapter's Update method this way (once you switch the order), unless you have more than one table in the dataset and you only want to update one, etc.


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