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Is Microsoft moving ahead to SOA?

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    I am just curious. I had seen video and msdn tutorials on SOA.

    Is Microsoft moving towards this SOA path?

    Is SOA a replacement of Object Oriented?

    Can anyone share their thoughts here please?


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    SOA is a big topic, but let me kick off the discussion with my thoughts by saying SOA does not replace object oriented programming (OOP).

    We will still be using OOP techniques to implement service oriented applications and architectures. SOA harmonizes with OOP to provide the guidelines for how we can best allow our application interact with other applications.

    The other applications may be on the Internet half way around the globe, built using different technologies, and running on different platforms than our application. The other applications may expect a certain type of behavior from our application, and the applications need to work out a way to be compatible. 

    These are all typically very messy problems to solve, which is where SOA steps in. By following the SOA guidlines we have some hope of it all working together in the end.


    Kirk Allen has a collection of SOA links on his blog. I've (shameless plug) posted some other recent thoughts here.
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    The world just love buzzwords. The so called 'service oriented architecture is no more than the right way to use an Object-Oriented programming.

    We have used Service-Oriented Architecture in back in 1994.

    Yes, Microsoft is moving toward the SOA by providing developers with easiest way to develop components and execute services on remote systems.

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