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protocol Error - HELP?!

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    Hi there.

    Interesting thing I just found.

    I made a webservice which updates my app on request. This is the way it works, simple pseudo:

    Recieves incoming versioning
    compares versioning with server files
    if server file versioning > incoming versioning
       send the linke to file
    end if

    if link != null
       create the file
       request file size from webservice

    recieves incoming request for update file size
    sends update file size in byte[]

    creates byte[] of size of file in byte[] sent by server

    thats just a quick psuedo of what is happening

    My app consists of 2 apps: Server (runs on Windows) and client (runs on mobile device)

    I have a webserver (hosting) and of course my local computer
    The Server can see an update and download it successfully from either my local box or the webserver.

    The client sees the update ON my LOCAL BOX and downloads it fine (GPRS).
    However, when the client tries to download the file from the WEBSERVER, it bums out and just gives me a System.Net.WebException and a "protocolError" - that is it! no other innererrors or anything.

    It bums out after doing a 2nd call to ANY method (same webmethod or not!)

    What can be the problem? the local box works fine but when downloading the webserver update, it doesnt like it on the client. And yes the WSDL/ASMX web references have been changed accordingly for the localbox testing and webserver testing.

    any ideas?

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