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regarding speech servers

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    Regarding the speech server and building speech recognition applications , i wanted to know if it was possible to have sort of like a switching possible so that many calls can be accpeted .would additional hardware suffice (like the pbx switching system many offices use ) .

    basically i want my speech server to be able to accept a call, quickly port it say to another 'something' . so is this possible ? i hear MS offices themselves at some places have replaced the phone opperator with spech recognition based speech servers .

    so how to tackle this  situation of :

    • having multiple calls coming in to the speech server concurrently.
    • what changes would i need to make in program considering that right now i am not using remoting.
    • and what additional hardware apart from the telephony card ?
    Im trying to impliment this for my college. thanks a bunch.

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    while im at it :

    i just wanted to know which sdk to use - sasdk or sapi .its a we bit confusing . i hear sasdk would be oriented for applications, but im looking for a desktop and to use the phone as the user interface (pocket pc/ telephone/mobile  ) .so im having some trouble choosing from all the sdk's and moreover since sasdk is 4 gb ! so i better make sure thats what i want . i wont have any usage as of now(or rather i'll take care of taht later, mobile users would be my target audience)

    Other questions :

    1. what are the bare basics sdk's ,etc  i need to get simulate execution and develop speech apps ?
    2. did i need to use any TIM during development ?
    3. what do i ned to have a "dial in " functionality ?
    4. will the speech applications made with the avlon+VS beta2 be usable/accessable from win2k and above ?

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    If you are dealing with Telephone you need the Speech Server and SASDK at

    Intervoice makes some packaged applications that can get you up and running:

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