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Web Application template?

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    Web Application template?


    I am using Visual Basic 2005 Express Beta.

    Objective: to develop an ASP.NET Web Application

    Problem: I can't find a template

    When I look in File | New | Project it shows some templates e.g. Windows Application, Class Library etc...

    BUT there isn't one for an ASP.NET Web Application

    I have done a search for one but can't find it.

    Could you please point me in the right direction?

    Thank you.

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    ASP.NET functionality isn't included in Language-specific "Express" editions.

    Instead, you need "Visual Web Developer" or VisualStudio. They support all the languages, but in the case of VWD you can only produce ASP.NET projects and Class Libraries.

    I personally dislike this stance by Microsoft's VS team, especilly now that ASP.NET projects are handled by "File > New > Website" rather than "File > New > Project > Website" it seems VS2005 treats Websites "specially", even though all they are is a remotely executed class library.

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    Thank you, W3bbo.

    I somehow thought that might be the case.

    Oh, well. Onwards and upwards!

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