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CIFS Load Testing

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    Can someone recommend a CIFS load testing application? I need to induce heavy I/O across my storage network to my NetApp F900 via CIFS. In lieu of an app, I am open to suggestions for "typical" ASP.NET disk I/O scenarios which I can emulate in code.

    To clarify, I am not interested in testing ASP.NET, but rather disk I/O across a share (i.e. read, write, seek, delete, move, etc.)


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    Well...  if you are looking for sheer I/O stress, you can use iometer.   We use it in the Microsoft Services Labs to stress SAN equipment.

    Not sure if that completely fits your need, but it may be a start.


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    Hi Boogie:

    What would be some good values to use with Iometer? 

    One issue I'm seeing, in regards to browsing shares on the netapp, is Explorer will sometimes hang for about 10 - 30 seconds and any operations being done through Explorer hang, i.e. file copy/move/delete.  If I watch the network utilization in Task Manager, I see everything drop back to 0%; however, ping doesn't drop to the Netapp so I'm not losing the interface and no CRC errors on the switch port.

    To test, I started up iometer on four systems and mapped a drive to my netapp shares.  Iometer is using about 80% on my storage interfaces.  I was able to repeat the Explorer hanging issue while Iometer was running and Iometer didn't report an error -- it continued to chug away.  Ping was fine.  Network utilization didn't even hiccup. 
    In your opinion, would this indicate an issue with Explorer?  That's what it feels like to me at any rate.  My concern is I'll see these hang events while trying to serve web content off of the Netapp. 

    Any input would be great.  Thanks!


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    Well.... the fact that iometer kept going, no crc errors on the switch, and more importantly no errors from the netapp box (I assume that it has some logging capability of some sort)(I've used plenty of sans, but not too familiar with nas devices), that it would be an explorer issue.

    However, don't rule out any other applications such as antivirus (or any applications that may have their hooks on explorer).

    My suggestion would be to test it from a clean box (no third-party apps) (and up to date servicepacks and patches) to determine if it is truly explorer.

    If it is explorer, setup an incident with support so they can repro the problem.  If it isn't explorer, add your installed applications one at a time to find out.

    I'm sure there are ways out there to figure out why it's hanging that may be shorter than mine.

    Anyone else out there with any suggestions?  I'll ping a few colleagues as well.  Wink

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    After a discussion with one of my buddies (he's a lot smarter than me in this areana) Wink

    Here's what he suggests:

    My suggestion is to get a process dump of Windows Explorer when the hang is occurring using ADPlus.vbs. ADPlus.vbs is part of the Debugging Tools for Windows. The syntax to use is:

    cscript adplus.vbs -hang -pn explorer.exe -o c:\debugoutput

    ADPlus will create a directory under "c:\debugoutput" with a lot of process related files. Zip the directory up, open a support case with Microsoft Support and send them the zip file. If you are up for it, then you can use WinDBG (part of the Debugging Tools for Windows) to look at the call stacks of Explorer's threads.

    Debugging Tools for Windows

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