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Granting full trust to an office assembly

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    I am working out how to link parts of my program API (from a school management application) to a word document, so I can make those fancy reports from there.

    But I can't get the security right: I created project, checked the checkbox for my security policy change. And started coding.

    Now when I try to open the word document is simply tells me: .NET security policy doesnt allow the assembly to be executed.  (I have a dutch windows)

    My question is: What do I need to do to get it running?

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    I found the problem.

    You have to allow fulltrust for the reference that are needed by the document assembly. If you don't do that, the whole thing won't run.

    The document now loads perfectly, if I only could get this darn configuration right Tongue Out

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    if u can make your system secure otherwise. use caspol -s off.
    I just hate give permission to all the dll I build. Cool

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