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PDC Vista Install problems

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    I was unable to load the PDC version of Vista on my computer and was wondering if anyone knew a place where I could turn to for help in getting it fixed.  I am getting setup is unable to load a required driver about 30 minutes into the step 2 of the install (pre-reboot)


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    I was having problems installing to an sata drive.  It looks like loading a third-party storage driver has some issues on the PDC build.  Somebody posted a how-to on my thread here:

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    thanks for the information.  the problem is I am not sure what driver is failing.  I have a pretty standard laptop (a Dell Inspiron 6000 ).  is there a way to tell which driver is giving me headaches?

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    I read on Tim Sneath's blog that some Dell's have a certain chipset that may cause issues if you have over 1GB of RAM.  I don't know if this fits your case but here's the quote from his web site.

    "A number of Dell and other laptops have Broadcom 440x integrated network cards. The Windows XP driver for this card works on Windows Vista, but it will cause a blue screen crash on machines with more than 1GB memory. To resolve this problem, edit the boot.ini file to add a /maxmem=1024 switch for the Windows Vista partition. This will reduce the available memory for this partition to 1GB. Alternatively, you can of course disable the network driver."

    Hope this helps.

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    I saw that as well while I was at PDC (actually I thought I saw it here at channel 9, dunno was a long very cool week).  I have a Dell with that network card and I have more than 1 Gig of RAM and i thought that was me to a tee.  I pulled the extra RAM out of my laptop restored to a backup and tried again with the same result.  is there a place to report these kinds of problems or a way to send "non private" information to MS so I can get someone to help or are the PDC builds as-is and if it didn't work, that is ok?  i was bummed I couldn't get it loaded but that is the breaks sometimes.

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