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Right way to design and develope....

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    Which way?

    Hi guys,

    I have seen at many places different methods of developing softwares. I thought I should rais that question here as obviously
    you guys are deffnatly following some of the best practise to design
    and develope software.

    Please understand that I am not talking about some enterprise level
    tool. I am talkgin about small software or web app.

    one way i learned is that

    1. design everything including database
    2. create database
    3. create ui
    4. write logic
    5. integrate them.

    then again at some places i have seen that everything
    2.create ui , logic and supported database part
    3. continue doing number 2 till u finish the project.

    please share your views on this....if there is greate methods
    out there that i m not aware of , please share them here.


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    Tyler Brown

    If you do a complete requirements anylisys before starting to implement the solution, you wouldn't have to worry where to start. Although in this case it might be a good idea for you to start with the database design. You don't want to start programming against the database when you haven't even finalized the table structures.

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    The way I approach those types of projects is to design the app or webapp (consumer) first to determine how you want to use the data. Then design the database to use it. After that, then I build the database, I build the middle tier, and write the UI for what I'm working with. 

    You don't want to build an app from a database design, because you'll find you missed some important use cases.


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    Start with a toy prototype that does the most basic subset of what you want to do; end to end (GUI to DB). Iteratively improve and enhance it. You may have to throw out large portions  and rewrite as you get new inspiration.

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