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Virtual PC & Vista

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    I think I remember in the PDC session on Virtual PC is that they have to come out with a patch or something to get Vista running on it?

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    Stitch 2.0

    I had it running on Virtual PC some time ago, but the speed (or better: the lack of it) wasn't bearable......

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    I had Vista running on VPC.
    I found these steps to do it:

    When you get to the “Install Windows” screen, press Shift+F10 to open a command prompt. Type DISKPART at the prompt and use the following commands.

    select disk 0
    create partition primary
    select volume 1
    format fs=ntfs label="vista"

    After this I typed EXIT to leave the utility, reset the VPC, and started the installation again.

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    You're probably thinking of the unsupported virtual machine additions that can help make vista run in VPC.  Follow this blog entry ( for where to download the file, along with some other tips for installing pdc software.

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    Any idea where to get the zip file he mentions? His link is broken. Jorgie (BTW please forgive me if this is all run together, C9 does not seem to like Opera, and eats the linefeeds.)

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