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Can't get to in IE, but can in Other Browsers

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    Weird error message when I use IE to try to goto

    "Server Error in '/' Application."

    I can access just fine in FireFox and Opera.

    I can also get to this site in IE, which is where forwards to in the other browsers:

    I have reset all preferences/security/privacy settings by hitting
    the Restore Default buttons, in IE.

    I am running XP SP2, with IE6.
    I do not use 3rd party pop-up blockers, and have no toolbars enabled.  My PC is free of spyware.  Java is disabled.

    I had the FoxIE extension installed, but could access hotmail
    at that time.  I have since removed it.

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    cryoknight wrote:
    Java is disabled.

    That must be it <-- JOKE

    Hotmail is working for me in Firefox1.5b1 and IE6

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    When I dual-boot into 98, I can access hotmail via IE.  I'm just wondering if there's some setting I can change to access it once more in XP, using IE.

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