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Video Card.. Poof....

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    Howdy all.

    Don't have much to go on (yet), but I received a call saying that my PC at home seems to be rebooting itself. Prior to this, the video kept dying on it (today only). This is a 1 year old computer, mind you.. Smiley

    My question: Do video cards suddenly go "poof" for no good reason? Or monitors, for that matter? It's an HP 17 inch LCD monitor.

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    If it's rebooting, it's probably the card. Try hooking another monitor up to it and seeing if the video problem persists. There are some cheap nVidia-based cards out there, I just added one so I can hook up a third monitor and it only cost me $70CDN.

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    Oy vey, do I have a related story! Happened a few years ago. I had a NICE video card - one of the first 256MB cards from ATI. After running with my 15", I decided this card needed a better screen. So, I got myself my first 17" monitor.

    Oh what fun we had. FlightSim never looked so good.

    Then, poof! Not unlike the poof you describe. I was quite distressed. I bought a new card, plugged in the new screen, and a few days later, another poof.  2 cards, not identical, but in the same computer.

    I only had cheapo cards left, and no cash, so I took back my 15" and gave the big screen to my wife. Within hours, her card blew.

    It was the monitor. It never hit me that in addition to the card itself, or the slot it is in, or the motherboard, or anything else, that a monitor could fry a card.

    An expensive lesson learned. Yeah, OK, it probably doesn't relate to your problem at all, but it's funny what makes video cards go poof. They seem somewhat fragile.

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    Sven Groot

    Current goes over the VGA cable, even if it's not a lot. It's not unimaginable for a short circuit in the cable to fry a video card, I guess.

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    Very Wierd. But thanks for the input.

    After looking at this myself, Odd things I've noticed.

    Computer does work. The monitor just shuts off after a while. I occasionally notice in the event log that a program beginning with "ATI" (what a conincidence, I have a video card from ATI.. Smiley ) gets in an infinite loop. I have not updated the driver on this recently.

    Windows Media Connect was taking a large amount of CPU cycles, slowing lots of stuff up.

    Virus Scan and Spyware scans are negative, with recently updates applied.

    What I've done is turned off Windows Media Connect (and make it a manually started service) and my computer seems to be running ok (at least in the short term: no monitor shutting down). I left it on while I went to work: if it's still on when I get home, I'm guessing everything is ok.

    This sucks.

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