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View Thread: ASP.NET and iTextSharp (free PDF Generator for .NET)
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    1. I have a requirement where the customer wants to enter data through a PDF. So I created PDF using Adobe Designer 7.0 

    2. The PDF has a submit button, upon submit the data will be sent to my IIS web server.

    3. I should be able to read this XML and get the meaningful data to be stored elsewhere. (this is where i'm stuck with the crazy image chunk in the XML when there is an image field with an option to user to select a file!!)

    4. Later when the customer wants to edit, I SHOULD BE able to re-populate the data in the PDF and display them..

    My customer has only Acrobat Reader. (I CAN NOT afford to buy license to 100s of end users)

    Any of you guys know how to do this using iTextSharp? is it possible? I tried a few of the code snippet given here, but it does not help, may be because its not yet upgraded to support 7.0.

    Any better way to approach this problem???