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View Thread: ASP.NET and iTextSharp (free PDF Generator for .NET)
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    So glad to finally find a forum where people are talking about this iTextSharp.  The documentation is next to useless.   I wrote pretty cool ASP.NET application that takes form input and then generates a PDF by taking the text of the fields on the form and pasting them to a template.
    So essentially I have our designer make the PDF template with the form fields formatted the way they should be with font and color and then we create it.  It's been working great until...our client decided that some of the dynamic text should have a CMYK color. 

    Until then we hadn't realized that our font colors were coming in grayscale.  Black and White of course work fine, but when we try this rich pink look it comes out gray.  Anyone have any idea how to change this.

    I poked around and found the SetDefaultColorSpace function, but I'm not sure what the second parameter is supposed to be.  And more importantly I'm not even sure it's how to change this.

    Anyone know?  I am using PDF stamper and form flattening would rather not have to take the approach of gathering all the field properties myself and reposting them, as that is what the Stamper is for.

    If you have any idea or even a place to look that has some sort of info other than the sourceforge page...please please let me know.

    --Craig Dennis