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View Thread: C# + Linq = Perl?
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    >>Do we really need a syntax extension to allow queries? Couldn't someone have come up with an ADO.NET class that queries collections?
    no, you don't really need it, you can still do it in other ways, if you don't like LINQ, you have the choice NOT to use it, but I think there are more people that like LINQ than there are people that think like you

    >>Unfortunately the linq syntax is slightly different from SQL, so were going to have to get used to another query syntax. Why? Whats wrong with SQL?
    Anders H already explained this, SQL syntax was designed to make it easier to read for the user, now we are programmers, and if you want features like autocomplete, etc, LINQ syntax is the way to go, again, you don't have to use it if you don't want, that's the beauty of it