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Bug in Microsoft Edit Control

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    I think I found a bug in the Edit control that is e.g. used by Notepad. To reproduce the bug do the following: 1. Create a new .txt file 2. Open it with Notepad 3. Write "aaaaaaaa aaaaa aaa aaaaa" without the quotes (other letter combinations also work but not all) 4. Close and save the file 5. Open the file again with Notepad Now you should see squares instead of letters. Maybe you can pass the bug to the responsible developer. Smiley

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    It seems to work - it's really strange Perplexed

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    I can verify this as well

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    Yep, I can repro that on XP SP2 and 2003 SP1. Isn't it amazing how bugs like this can lay dormant for so long in frequently-used software like notepad!

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    It would appear that an even number of letters followed by two groups of an odd number of letters seems to reproduce the problem. So, for example, this is also a problem: "qq qqq qqq".

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    Notepad seems to treat it as unicode.

    I see chinese characters when opening up "aa aaaaa aaaaa", but I know I have that character set installed.

    Wordpad opens it fine.

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    If you save it as unicode, instead of ansi, the correct data is retained.

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    I can verify this potential bug too, could any body here explain the reason behind it? From the very begining when I saw this thread, I just thought it might be the text encoding problem, but after my close examination, it's not:(


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    I have Tablet PC Editition 2005 and the bug works there too.

    Of interesting note, I created the string in notepad and then opened the file up in Textpad and there was no issue. I also created the string in Textpad and opened in notepad and the squares come up again. So it looks like it doesn't have anything to do with the saving process in notepad.

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    dude, you're right!

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    Yup, I get:



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    As always, Raymond Chen can tell you why this is


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