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Anti-Virus Protection - Web Application

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    I am building an application that will allow end-users to upload files for others to download, and as you guys can image this worries me.

    I will be posting these files from the upload stream directly into the database and back out therefore i am not worried about my companies network, but i am concerned with those who will be downloading these files.

    Do you guys recommend anything i can integrate (willing to purchase product but dont have a million bucks to spend) into my site to do scanning after upload? This solution would have to work on a web farm scenario.

    FYI... For our servers we already use Norton to help keep them virus free.

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    If you're already using Norton, just leverage the scanner itself.

    Look up Symantec's website for information on telling the scanner to inspect a single file (the path obtained from HttpPostedFile.SaveAs() ) and extracting the result.

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    Thank you for the feedback guys, some interesting stuff. I am going to have one of my guys look at this right away.

    If anyone has any other suggestions i welcome them to compare and contrast.

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    just use Kaspersky, its better than Norton

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