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Creating a web view folder inside a folder in MS Outlook

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    Sathyaish Chakravarthy

    I am creating a heirarchy of sub-folders, each with a web view and a web url.

    It all works fine for the main top level folder. However, when I click on the sub folders, they do not have their web view on. Nor do they have a web url in their properties. What gives?

    Here's the code.

    Private Sub Login()
            Dim lSettings As Settings = GetPersistedSettings()
            Dim nm As Outlook.NameSpace
            Dim folders As Outlook.Folders
            Dim fldfoo As Outlook.MAPIFolder
            Dim exp As Outlook.Explorer

            nm = applicationObject.GetNamespace("MAPI")
            fldfoo = nm.Folders.GetLast()
            fldfoo.Name = "foo"
            fldfoo.WebViewOn = True
            fldfoo.WebViewURL = "" & lSettings.UserName & "&password=" & lSettings.Password
            fldfoo.WebViewAllowNavigation = True
            exp = CType(applicationObject, Outlook.Application).ActiveExplorer
            Log.Write("Set the exp object to the active explorer in Outlook")
            exp.CurrentFolder = fldfoo
            Log.Write("Set the newly created foo folder as the current folder in the active explorer")
            Call CreateSubFolders(fldfoo)

        End Sub

        Private Sub CreateSubFolders(ByVal fldfoo As Outlook.MAPIFolder)
            Dim doc As XmlDocument = New XmlDocument
            Log.Write("Loaded XML doc")
            If doc Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
            Log.Write("XML doc has content")
            Call CreateSubFolder(doc.DocumentElement, fldfoo)
            Log.Write("finished creating folder heirarchy")
            doc = Nothing
        End Sub

        Private Sub CreateSubFolder(ByVal ndParent As XmlNode, ByVal fldParent As Outlook.MAPIFolder)

            Log.Write("Entered CreateSubFolder")
            For Each nd As XmlNode In ndParent.ChildNodes
                If TypeOf nd Is XmlElement Then
                    If nd.Name = "uitab" Then
                        Log.Write("For Each nd As XmlNode In nd.ChildNodes: " & nd.Name)
                        If Not nd.Attributes Is Nothing Then
                            Log.Write("If nd.Attributes.Count > 0 Then")
                            If (Not (nd.Attributes("display") Is Nothing)) Then
                                Log.Write("nd " & nd.Attributes("display").Value)
                                Dim fldNew As Outlook.MAPIFolder = fldParent.Folders.Add(nd.Attributes("display").Value)
                                Log.Write("Created a new MAPI Folder: " & nd.Attributes("display").Value)

                                fldNew.WebViewOn = True
                                fldNew.WebViewURL = nd.Attributes("href").Value
                                Dim StrURL As String = nd.Attributes("href").Value
                                fldNew.WebViewAllowNavigation = True

                                Log.Write("Set the description")
                                If nd.HasChildNodes Then
                                    Log.Write("nd has child nodes")
                                    Call CreateSubFolder(nd, fldNew)
                                End If
                            End If
                        End If
                    End If
                End If
        End Sub

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